A Tried and Tested System of Technology Information Exchanges Between Senior Manufacturing Personnel and Senior Architects.

Senior Architects recognize the need to keep abreast of the latest developments in supplier innovations, trends, materials, products & services.

BOND's fresh approach allows architects to gain first-hand information, from well-informed senior management of manufacturing companies, without the pressure and expectation that can arise from a 'hard-sell' meeting with a local sales person.

At BONDMulti product information and technological advances are shared and discussed in a series of 30 minute, private, face to face meetings.

These two-way exchanges ensure that leading architects are consulted on the development and delivery of innovative products and services, they further ensure that such products & services maintain their relevance in the market-place for the long-term.

At the Event

On the first business morning of the event, each delegate is given their FINAL meetings schedule.

BONDMulti architects have their own private meeting table, which vendors attend at a specified time according to their personal itinerary. Delegates find that this reversal of the traditional trade show format allows the architects to be more in control, relaxed and attentive during the meeting sessions.

Architects will normally conduct between 12 and 16 meetings during the event, each will be according to his or her prior agreement. On average they will have specifically-requested half of their meetings and the other half are as a result of mutual or vendor requests.

Since there are many more architects attending than vendors, suppliers companies are able to conduct as many as 60 meetings or even more, for special packages.

Creating Your Personal Itinerary

On registration, months in advance of the event, architects and suppliers provide a concise profile of their company, contact details and (since this is a very interpersonal event) a personal profile too.

Architects provide other information, such as current major projects, size, type, value and completion date. These profiles are placed in the restricted area of our website and available only to registered delegates

One month before the event delegates select who they want to meet.

One week before the event, we produce a personalized preliminary meetings schedule for each delegate, allowing a few days to make any last-minute alterations.

Delegates have three types of meeting:s:
their own requests, those requested by other delegates and those where each asked to meet each other.

Our system ensures your schedules are the most effective combination possible of Architect and Supplier requested meetings.

Outside of meetings delegates will find ample opportunity to meet and get to know the other attendees, in a total of nine social functions, throughout the event.