Frequently Asked Questions

As an architect delegate I can come for free, all expenses paid. How can this event be commercially viable?

a:The forum concept is well established worldwide and BOND Events is a successful commercial enterprise. Currently there are several hundred such forums in many industry sectors across the world. The events are profitable by virtue of the suppliers paying for the opportunity to spend quality time, in meetings and socializing with the architects over the four days of the event. BOND also has group buying power at many hotels across the world. Having all delegate reservations and personal requirements controlled from one point, offers tremendous savings in both money and time, for all concerned.

How many one to one business meetings will I have?

a:There are 20 meetings sessions over the Friday and Saturday of the event. Suppliers are guaranteed an agreed number of meetings (call BOND Events for a Suppliers media pack on +44 20 8432 3466 or +1 704 248 7945). Architects will normally conduct between 10 and 15 meetings over this time - depending on their requirements.

As an architect delegate - am I expected to buy anything?

a:No, There is no duty to purchase from vendors, but we do ask all architects to attend the meetings on their schedule, unless they inform us in advance that particular meetings are inappropriate.

Can I turn down a meeting?

a:Yes you may - there is ample opportunity to do so in advance of the event, if you feel the meeting is inappropriate.

Do I have to pay or register for the seminars?

a:No, Once you have been registered for the event, all functions, meals, seminars and meetings are included

How do I know the architects will turn up?

a:We normally expect a 6% fall out rate prior to the show. Architects make a commitment to attend on booking, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Can my Spouse or Partner Attend?

a:Delegates are able to bring partners, however they must pay for their own travel. Spouses and partners may also attend the dinner functions, for a fee, however they are not allowed to attend any of the business meetings or seminars.

Can I book the hotel room myself?

a:No - only registered BOND delegates may attend and all bookings are made by the organizers.

Will I have a room bill to pay?

a:Only for your room extras (minibar, telephones, bar bills etc.) or if you have a partner sharing your room.

Are there official architect to architect or vendor to vendor meetings?

a:Not officially, prearranged meetings are strictly architect to vendor, however the event spans 66 hours, 11 of which are official meetings, so there is ample time for networking or such meetings.

Can I extend my stay?

a:Yes - we have negotiated very good rates with the hotel, which we are happy to pass on to you. Please contact BOND Events directly.

Can I choose where I sit at the dinners?

a:Yes - we do not make a seating plan for the meals, so you can sit next to anyone you choose.

Can I organize a private function for my clients or colleagues?

a:No - We do not allow private functions, the whole concept of the event is based on all delegates being together, which maximizes the networking opportunities